Issue with screws on SOWA Pro

In a batch of early SOWA Pro’s, a type of screw of a poor alloy was unfortunately used. We have since upgraded these screws, but we will gladly help if you are experiencing issues related to this.

The four black flanged hex-screws on SOWA Pro have rusted. This may happen if the screws are exposed to harsh conditions, like prolonged stay on a boat on the ocean or high humidity.

This issue may happen on SOWA Pro’s with a serial number in the range from 00001 to 00200. The serial number looks like ACA-01-AC-00200 and can be found either in the handle of the SOWA Pro itself, or on the logo sticker on the packaging you received it in.


If you have bought your SOWA Pro a reseller, contact the reseller to arrange swapping of the screws to new ones.

You can also easily swap the screws yourself, if you don’t want to hand in your SOWA. Please contact info@sowasound.com with your name and home address and a note that you are having this issue, and we will send you some new screws. If you contact us to get the spare parts, and follow the procedure below, this will not void your warranty.

Warning: do not unscrew more than one screw at a time. Unscrewing several screws at the same time may cause the electronics behind the backplate to fall apart.
  1. Unscrew only one of the screws with the supplied allen-key.
  2. Insert a new screw, and screw it in place. Tighten the screw lightly, and do not overtighten, as to hard pressure may cause the backplate to crack.
  3. Proceed with the next screw, until all four have been swapped.