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Previous releases

πŸ“‘ 4x antennas, 4x redundant transmission

@November 1, 2021

We have just implemented all four antennas on both transmitting (Host) and receiving (Join) SOWA speakers. You can now enjoy an even longer range, a higher degree of freedom of speaker placement, and even more robust transmission on your SOWA's.

Bug fixes

@November 1, 2021

SOWA had a bug that sometimes caused radio dropouts on Joining SOWA's to produce unwanted noise. We have fixed this, so that the speakers always just turn silent if dropouts happen. Thankfully, dropouts rarely happen with the newly added extra antenna usage 😁

Opus Codec and Better Packet Loss Concealment

@August 19, 2021

We've introduced the Opus Codec into our stream, and along with employed it's packet loss concealment algorithm

Latest releases

co-existence of several SOWA systems

@May 31, 2022

At the Previous state of SOWA, the speakers only had one channel available, meaning only one system could play in the same area. That just changed. We just added four radio channels, so that your speakers can now co-exist next to each other, playing different audio without interfering with each other.

SOWA I for home use

@June 14, 2022

We have just shipped a bunch of our new product to Hifi Klubben. They will be out in the shops within a few weeks! πŸŽ‰

In development

Automatic pairing

In the current SOWAs, you have to manually select one of four radio channels. We’re working to make it so that you just have to press pair on the speakers you want to pair, and not worry about which channel the speakers are using.

Next up

Control app

schedule for initial release spring 2024. The SOWA App will allow monitoring battery life of you currently connected SOWA System, choosing and tweaking microphone presets (gain, equalisation, compression and noisegate), scene and event-snapshots, as well as allow quick and easy updating of the SOWA firmware. The exact feature set of the app at launch is yet to be determined.

More radio channels for more parallel SOWA systems

Currently SOWA has four radio channels, supporting four separate stereo streams. Our development team is working to increase the amount of channels that SOWA can used, so that even more SOWAs can play in the same space.


Decreased latency (target 12 ms)

release not yet scheduled.

Decreased latency (target 5 ms)

release not yet scheduled.

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